Slot machine test: firestarter

Here can get it so hot, at least when it comes to the title. And "Firestarter ™" actually makes a really hot figure under the online slots. Saying so, that profits are absolutely possible. The still very young Naidoo slot is currently in the Star Games Casino at home and can also be played there in pure fun mode. The slot so that boasts a blend of classic and new ideas. The odds of winning are all first class and make a real insider's tip "Firestarter ™". At least until the slot machine has deservedly become a classic.


alone, as in "Firestarter ™", the normal symbols from Fruitslots include a whole new spice. The fruits are not so healthy here anymore, if you fuck or just devil on the plan. Fiery Hot and extremely interesting odds.

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Firestarter ™ online play

At first, everything seems pretty normal in the slots "Firestarter ™". At least, more or less, because the design is of course already especially. Otherwise, you'll see but some symbols that you will already know from Fruitslots, now the watermelon or cherries but. Also in this slot, it is the declared aim to collect identical symbols on the payline. Three of the same symbols are so basically, starting on the left roller, side by side on a payline, already winning. So easy, so good.

Total there are 25 paylines your chances to collect the same symbols on a payline, at least, are so good. At least if you not to turn off the line, which you can save on usage. Symbols can provide also on more than one payline WINS, provided they meet the requirements. In such a case, profits are simply added to a large sum, which means more profit.

The three varieties of fruit are more or less the standard icons and bring the least profit, leaving it look always can. But also in "Firestarter ™", it is the special motifs which are really interesting. The evil "7" is there harmless, where she promises the highest profit in itself. The same applies to the symbols with the faces. These include very well, make sense but mostly in free spin rounds.

Seen the wild symbol on the label. It is wild and substitutes for other symbols to complete series. But truly interesting are the ignition Holzer. You are the scatter symbol. Three distributed it anywhere on the reels and 10 free spins are issued. Feature it is that in this round the two faces of devil and Devil also count when they appear at any location on the reels.

Slot machines instructions by Firestarter ™

In fun mode you can do a few laps, but in the face of hot even the game with real worthwhile opportunities. To do this, you must be logged in the online casino and have deposited real money. So you're making your bets so. Before each round, you can change the bet per payline. Also you can change the number of lines and thus theoretically save usage, but then your chances decrease.

As soon as you click on "Start", you can see one of the other features of "Firestarter ™" already, because the rollers do not rotate. The symbols fall just one at a time from the top on the fields. Especially, it is partly because disappear when winning the highlighted fields and new from above falling. You're the chance to win in each round of profit almost double, as automatically falling before the next spin new symbols on the reels.

The gamble feature in the slot Firestarter

Which of course not be missing, is the gamble feature, as you you're used from other Naidoo slots. Here, you can almost play cards with the devil. Tap on red or black, and with a little luck, winning double. With some bad luck, you lose but the picture just profit. Gamble is advisable especially for smaller amounts.

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